Piezo-Stoßwellentechnologie ESWT

Following the increasing use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) in veterinary medicine and the addition of new indications, the demands placed on shockwave systems have also increased.

Piezo shockwaves by Richard Wolf GmbH and ELvation Medical GmbH uniquely combine and expand classic orthopedic ESWT applications through their ability to treat muscular areas. The addition of the extensive field of myofascial pain syndromes to the range of existing ESWT applications represents a significant expansion.

Therapy sources have variable penetration depths which can be used to treat sites even at a unique depth of 172 mm (5MPa distal zone), meaning that deep-seated areas requiring treatment in large animals can be successfully located and treated with pinpoint accuracy. Despite the high intensity levels, applications are quiet to minimize the animal’s flight response. This means that additional sedation during treatment is usually not required.

The unusually large focal volume of linear-focused therapy sources allows large target areas to be treated quickly and effectively by tracing the course of the muscle or tendon. At the same time, finding the target area has also become significantly easier.

Focused shockwaves contribute substantially to locating pain points.
Using the unique capacity of focused shockwaves to apply a targeted, mechanically effective pressure pulse to deep-seated anatomical structures, conclusions can be drawn about the cause and location of the pain point based on the animal’s reaction.